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CH2 is a professional cable and cable network tester, and the number of test points can be expanded from 160 to 20000. The tester can manually or automatically. generate a test program for the connection relationship between cables and cable. networks, carry out low-voltage conduction tests, insulation tests and electrical strength tests on cables and cable networks, and can effectively detect faults such as. missing welding, wrong welding, broken wires, damaged skin and the like in cables and cable networks. The CH2 cable tester can also detect resistance, capacitance, diode and other components in the cable network and automatically identify and generate test programs. When distributed capacitance exists in the circuit, the system can also recognize it automatically.
France SEFELEC was established in 1965, which is a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, a Fortune 500 company known as a global manufacturer and service provider of power electronics products and tools. The cable tester developed, developed and produced by SEFELEC has passed the ISO 9001 quality certification system, and the product quality is stable and reliable. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, train, communication, laboratory, military, connector and medical industries. The equipment characteristic high voltage cable tester series includes SYNOR1200、SYNOR4200 and SYNOR5000 The equipment characteristic high voltage cable tester series includes SYNOR1200、SYNOR4200 and SYNOR5000. Its test range is wide, operation is simple and convenient, and it is stable and reliable Testable type: Low - voltage conduction test, short-circuit open-circuit test, four-wire test, 2 - wire / 4 - wire conduction test mode and micro-break test can be used to detect poor cable contact ( intermittent break within 1μ s can be detected ). AC / DC high voltage insulation and withstand voltage test, resistance, capacitance and diode components test in the loop, etc. The number of test points can reach more than 100,000. Windows - based operation test software, test program can generate test program through product self – learning. In order to facilitate the customer manufacturer to develop a set of automatic test program generation software, the contact relationship in the source file can be automatically converted into a test program.
Application field: Aviation, aerospace, weapons and equipment, automotive electronics Equipment characteristics: The heating temperature and time of the special equipment for high-reliability casing heat shrinkage process are accurate, the non-damage line casing is heated evenly. Shrinkage consistency has no effect on operator and ambient temperature. The " 0 second" warm-up time conforms to CE standard. It has no adverse effect on the operator.
Kappa 310 is a compact, economical and practical high-speed cable processing equipment. Design for reliable processing of wire harnesses of 0.02 mm2 - 6mm2, all process parameters can be stored together with applicable pressure values. All machines in Kappa's product line have outstanding performance in various processing ranges. Due to their simple and flexible control, even for materials that are difficult to process, the machines can be set up and processed quickly and easily. Without any tools, the machine can be switched to the corresponding program for production, so the speed is high and the efficiency is high.
*U.S. CMS marks, peels and drops cables of various specifications automatically, at high speed and under computer control. *The invention realizes a nondestructive, durable and high-reliability surface mark label, and meets the aerospace nondestructive insulation standard. *No color bands, etc. are required. Any characters, fonts and marks are applicable. *Realize cable laser nondestructive wire stripping. *CMS can also provide PCB laser marking system and cable laser marking. *Online marking speed can reach to 80inches/s(400ft/min) *Vertical and horizontal text marking. *Various fonts and sizes. *NO Color band. *Marking distance can be freely set. *Writing marking text at will can realize marking at any position of the cable.
Overview of electronic products and equipment production process requires various components and accessories, especially for products of large quantity and variety, needing more components and accessories. These parts and accessories can be uniformly supervised in a certain way, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and greatly improve the reliability of production in the production process. In view of the above situation, with the development of computer and software technology, digital storage management equipment has played a great role. In the production process, various parts and accessories that needed can be conveniently and effectively extracted, and the parts can also be placed in the correct position through prompt. Through computer software technology, 100 % correct supervision of components and accessories required in the production process can be achieved.
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