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In the specific field of electrical equipment production, most of the components are screened bulk materials. SM 902 is an aerospace level chip mounter, which can mount various chip components, BGA, QFP chips, etc. with high efficiency, high precision and 100 % accuracy. In the field of micro - assembly, the bare chip can be accurately mounted through a 25x image module and a special suction nozzle. It can automatically generate mounting programs, automatically feed materials, automatically position mounting positions, have voice modules and electrical testing functions, and realize intelligent interconnection
materials in intelligent factories. The robot is equipped with laser scanning thunder.
NP - 600 is an intelligent steel network storage device that automatically interacts with IPM / MES. After receiving the production instruction, the equipment will automatically release the steel mesh of the corresponding product.  When storing and returning, it can be directly scanned and stored. In the aspect of steel mesh tension detection, the equipment can be interconnected with IPM / MES to automatically record the service parameters of the steel mesh for monitoring the service life of the steel mesh.
The " Intelligent Electrical Equipment Overall Solution" is Yufengkai's industry exploration and practice of " China 2025 Intelligent Manufacturing". Yufengkai Electronics integrates the project implementation experience of many enterprises, combines with many well-known international manufacturers and strategic partners to assist customers in the field of electrical equipment to realize interconnection of production management information, product batch information, raw material information, equipment operation status, environmental monitoring and energy management, automatic interaction between intelligent storage equipment and robots, unmanned warehouse management, and truly realize factory visualization, intelligence, digitalization, lean production, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent production management.
In the field of electrical equipment production, many customers use manual methods to remove gold and tin from components. For the micro-pitch IC pins, it is difficult to ensure consistency, coplanarity and tin-free pins, as a result, the machine identifying and throwing materials   According to different devices and tin lining processes, we have listed the following equipment for tinning machines.   Longmen tinning machine : Tin lining process for DIP and SOP components instead of electroplating process.   Four - axis tin machine: Automatic handling of surface mount components ≥0.3mm pitch non-gold pin chip.   Six - axis tin machine: Automatic handling of surface mount components, ≥0.3mm pitch gold pin chip.   High speed tin machine: High - speed processing of axial components such as color ring resistors and diodes.
SM - 001 is a three-in-one intelligent device for solder paste storage, temperature return and stirring, which can be intelligently connected with IPM / MES. Internal integration of refrigeration system, temperature return system, stirring system and mechanical arm can automatically record data and realize the whole life cycle management of solder paste in intelligent factories. According to relevant standards, the cold storage temperature of solder paste is 1 - 10' c, so when the solder paste is taken out from the cold box, the temperature is much lower than room temperature. If the cap is opened without " rewarming", water vapor in the air will easily condense and adhere to the tin paste. when passing through the reflow oven ( the temperature exceeds 200 ℃ ), the water will evaporate quickly due to strong heat, causing " tin explosion" and even damaging the components. The correct rewarming method is: without opening the bottle cap, place it at room temperature to thaw naturally, and the rewarming time is over. 4 hours ( Note: ① Do not open the bottle cap without adequate " rewarming";  ( 2 ) Do not shorten the " warm - back" time by heating ) ISM - OOI has a built-in intelligent mechanical arm, which can automatically transfer solder paste from the cold storage area to the temperature return area, and automatically transfer solder paste to the solder paste stirring area for stirring after the temperature return, and automatically send solder paste to the exit position after the stirring is completed. Intelligent software can accurately control the usage time of solder paste / red glue in each can, and can interact with MES, ERP, WMS and other software of Gong J through XML
The anti-static bracelet, anti-static rubber pad, workbench grounding, intelligent welding station, electric tools, workshop temperature and humidity meter, spot check meter, feeding robot, and station height adjusting device on the intelligent visualization station have all been intelligently interconnected with IPM / MES to support face recognition login, and are equipped with mood index recognition module to ensure the operator's good mood state. Basic process: Face recognition login → mood index, anti-static parameters, tool and instrument status, environmental parameter status, etc. self-check qualified → activation of work order acceptance → automatic distribution of materials from production preparation area to intelligent station by robot.
In the specific field of electrical equipment production, the small batch production mode has become commonly, and the components are mostly screened bulk materials and have a wide variety of varieties. According to the actual needs of such customers, on the basis of intelligent storage equipment, we have developed a material turnover robot, automatic picking & packing& labeling equipment, developed an interactive protocol for robot picking / placing materials, solved the automatic interaction between material warehouse and robot, and realized intelligent management of unmanned warehouse. In the storage of PCB, standard parts, connectors, wire harnesses and semi-finished products, we have introduced intelligent turnover box storage equipment to solve the storage and management problems of non-component parts for customers.
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