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* Absolute temperature range from –75 °C to +150 °C * Differential and absolute operation modes * Extended areas up to 300 mm x 300 mm The air-cooled DCN1000N/H series and the fluid-cooled DCN1000W/L series are extended area blackbodies, with high thermal uniformity, stability and emissivity, for absolute temperatures ranging from –75 °C to +150 °C. They consist of an emissive head in which temperature is controlled via an electronic unit with real time adjusted PID regulator. The emissive head also includes a target support. The emissive surface temperature is controlled with high precision and stability at temperatures below or above target temperature. Both the target and the emissive surface temperatures are measured in real time thanks to high precision calibrated PT sensors. Various sizes of emissive areas are available to perform other applications such as thermal imager characterisation with MRTD, LSF and NETD targets, focal plane array calibration, infrared sensor non uniformity correction, etc.
* Absolute temperature range from ambient +5 °C up to +800 °C * Large emissive area up to 1000x1000 mm * High emissivity thanks to micro-pyramidal surface The ECN100 series are extended area infrared reference sources, stabilizing high temperatures at up to +800 °C, with high uniformity. The emissive head includes an exclusive emissive surface made of micro-pyramids. The emissivity and thermal uniformity of these blackbodies are thus particularly high. Moreover, since the surface is made of such micro-cavities, these sources can be used over a wide range of wavelengths from near-IR to far IR. The main applications for these sources are calibration of sensors such as thermal imagers and line scanners, large spectral bandwidth reference source, sample emissivity or transmission measurement, real size infrared targets, etc. The robust structure of the emissive head allows for lab or field condition operations.
*High temperature reference source up to 1350 °C *High spatial and angular uniformity / emissivity *Reduced cooling time thanks to COOLSPEED technology. The RCN series high temperature cavity blackbodies are reference sources covering a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR. They consist of a compact emissive head controlled via an electronic unit, and a user-friendly touch screen control panel located on the front of the electronic unit that allows precise temperature selection and stabilization thanks to a real time PID parameters adjustment. The N1 and N2 models come with the CoolSpeed technology. Based on an innovative internal structure, CoolSpeed cuts the cooling duration of cavity blackbodies in half without altering their technical features such as high emissivity, high speed warm up and high stability. The applications of these large spectral reference sources are for calibration of near-IR and IR sensors such as thermal imagers, pyrometers, SWIR to LWIR cameras, sample emissivity or transmission measurement, reference source for atmosphere global or spectral transmission measurement. Robust structure of the emissive head allows for lab or field conditions operations.
IRCOL test bench includes an off-axis projector with a high reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR, Interchangeable reference sources (visible to far IR) and laser rangefinding testing modules, INFRATEST software, controlling sources and targets, acquiring video signal from Unit Under Test and displaying an exhaustive range of test results. Versatile complete bench for testing IR cameras, CCD & laser rangefinders  The IRCOL series are test equipment for the characterization and the performance validation of a wide array of electro-optical sensors: visible cameras, CCD and ICCD cameras, day/night goggles, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers and laser rangefinders. The IRCOL series are designed on a modular concept, each brick is selectable depending on the electro-optical sensor to be tested.
Calibration and test of IRFPA detectors: * Noise tests: fixed pattern noise, temporal noise, NETD responsivity, detectivity, 3D-noise, 2D-detectivity, * Dynamic range, linearity, * Non-uniformity correction, * Bad pixel localisation, * Spectral response, * Crosstalk, MTF. Designed for exhaustive testing of IRFPA detectors The BIRD210 bench consists of an electronic cabinet equipped with a set of ultra-low noise electronics including a clock signal generator, a bias voltage unit and a high frequency analogue to digital converter. An optical bench illuminates the detector under test with accurate and calibrated optical signals: a low temperature uniform and highly stabilized IR reference source for noise measurements, NUC and bad pixel tests, an adjustable IR source with high spectral resolution for spectral response measurements and an aberration-free pinhole or thin slit source for MTF and crosstalk tests.
All-in-one Test Solution for Visible, Light Intensification, Infrared & Laser Devices * Test of TV cameras * Test of night and day vision goggles * Test of thermal imagers 3-5/8-12 µm * Test of laser rangefinders and illuminators (1.06 - 1.54 - 10.6 µm) * Test of complete sighting systems Versatile and Comprehensive Test Bench COPI is a universal test bench able to fully characterize the performance of any optoelectronics system, operating from visible wavelengths to far-infrared. It replaces the multitude of specific testing tools related to each equipment by a single and polyvalent optronic test system. The modular and versatile mechanical configuration of the universal multispectral collimator, associated with a dedicated exhaustive test software, enable very fast configuration setting for testing all existing or in-development optoelectronics systems: • TV cameras • Night and day vision goggles • Thermal imagers 3-5/8-12 µm • Laser rangefinders and illuminators (1.06 - 1.54 - 10.6 µm) • Complete sighting systems
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